10 months later..

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What’s new?

I hired a new engineer, and he’s awesome. His name is Mark. We are extremely close to wrapping up our work on completing a new circuit to power the panels which will have a bunch of awesome features built in to make the product extremely intuitive and easy to use unlike what is currently available in the market at the moment. I don’t want to give away too many details just yet, but we have a breadboarded prototype that is 100% functional and are currently vetting out manufacturers to make the final fully assembled PCB version.

I graduated from college with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Assuming this endeavor goes well, I hopefully wont have to actually use that degree and find employment.

DJ Michelle Pooch

DJ Michelle Pooch

We’ve had a few more prototype Stickerlight customers. I go out and photograph / videotape as many of them as possible and post the results on the Facebook page. Awesomely, we’ve had two different female DJs make purchases of the product. I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time with the spectacular guys behind Klaypex¬†as you’ll be able to tell from the pictures and videos I’ve been / will be posting.

I won another business plan competition for $5,000. Click on my smiling face below to learn more about that.

Stickerlight wins another competition

Stickerlight wins another business plan competition.

I’ve been contacted by Erykah Badu to create a Stickerlight for her to use during her live DJ sets. She has 2.5 million fans on Facebook, and this would be the biggest name I’ve dealt with yet, so that is extremely exciting.

I’ve brushed up on my video editing skills and threw together a 40 second teaser video to give some live examples of the product in action as well as some pictures from a Klaypex show I’ve recently attended, with their new song Oil Spill that was just released on March 18th!

[youtube id=”_d6QsFoedeU”]

[youtube id=”osWs0l6Y-Z0″]

That’s all for now! Hopefully will have some news about the impending Kickstarter campaign next time around.

2nd Place in UB’s Panasci business plan competition!

225616_10152773091075361_1201139150_nI currently attend the University at Buffalo, and am in my fifth year enrolled in a joint 2/3 Electrical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration program. This has given me the ability to enter Stickerlight into the university’s annual Panasci Business Plan competition. This was my second time in the competition, having entered last year with a different group.

The competition started three months ago with 27 teams presenting in the first elimination round. After the first presentation, we were narrowed down to 15 teams. After a second presentation, we were narrowed down to 9 teams. At that point, the remaining teams submitted their business plans and we were narrowed down to 5 teams. On April 19th, the final 5 remaining teams competed live via powerpoint presentation.

First place went to a spectacular nanotechnology based idea, winning them $52,000 total in seed funding and in-kind legal services. Second place went to Stickerlight! I took home a nice large cardboard check valued at $10,000 in seed funding to help develop the business.

I will be immediately planning on using the funds to develop a new circuit for the product with an electrical engineering friend of mine in Buffalo.

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working with some fairly well known electronic dance musicians in order to get some endorsements. I will be traveling to meet and deliver custom Stickerlight panels to DJ BL3ND, Dubfire, Klaypex, and also the newly added endorsement with Krewella. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and videos along the way with the intent of creating an awesome YouTube video in the future, or potentially launching a KickStarter campaign to officially launch the product.

Lastly, I’ve also entered Stickerlight into one last business plan type contest being held in Boston. You can find more information about them at Bolt. It’s a 6 month startup incubator focused on physical products. I will find out on June 4th if I am accepted into the program, and am very hopeful. Wish me luck!

Panasci Win Reference:



Welcome to the site. Here I’ll be chronicling my journey to launching a product I’ve been working on for quite some time now, Stickerlight. Basically, it’s just a sticker that one places on their laptop that will light up. I see it as a preferred alternative to just showing off the boring glowing Apple logo on the back of your laptop. It is still PC friendly though, nothing here is OS specific.

So far I guess you could say I’m in the first generation of the product. I’m currently working with some smart friends of mine in order to come up with some new electronics that will provide more power and functionality for the end user. I’m far from where I ultimately want to see this product in the future, but what I have right now, which is also somewhat available for sale, is good enough to get the general concept across.

I’ve got this project entered into the Panasci Business Plan competition at the University at Buffalo. Winning would bring in some much desperately needed capital for R&D.

At this stage I’ve been working on trying to get some celebrity endorsements as well as sell these to a few select performers in order to get some early feedback on how the product is working. Using websites like DJMag Top 100 DJs, Top Dee Jays, and Top Dee Jays, I sorted through and sent emails to pretty much every single DJ and musician located in the US who had a decent fan base and also used a laptop during their live performances. So far I’ve gotten promising responses from:







So it’s definitely an exciting period right now to see what happens. Daedelus was performing in Buffalo, NY last night and I got the opportunity to meet the monome pioneer and get some feedback on my product.