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Preferred by the Pros: Our Unwavering Trust Amongst the World's Leading DJs and Celebs

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Why DJs Love Us

  • Brand Recognition

    Translating to more bookings.

  • Highly Memorable

    Leave every set remembered.

  • Unique Style

    Let fans know you're different.

  • Visually Stunning

    Leave a lasting impression.

  • Perfect For Social

    Imagine the content you could create.

  • Revenue Opportunity

    Advertise easily at events.

  • Better Engagement

    Deeper connection with fans.

  • Multi-Sensory

    Interact visually.

Your Style. Your Brand. Your Story.

Highly Customizable

We have ZERO limitations on your graphics. QR CODES, social media icons, website URLs, you can even use a picture of your face. ANYTHING GOES!

Don't have a MacBook? No problem! Our products work great on Windows laptops as well. Every single skin is custom made for the specific customer that is going to use it. We don't use templates!

Subtle & Memorable

Highlight your brand without ruining the vibe.

We don't use harsh LEDs that make your name hard to read and bother event photographers.

Light Weight & Easy to Use

Don't risk the safety of your computer by attaching a heavy light-box with a bulky power cord that someone'll probably trip over.

A Stickerlight is less than 4 oz and just 0.5 mm thick.

Don't have a spare USB port available? No problem! It has a small internal rechargeable battery and can also be powered via any USB port!

No outlet required! Consumes less than 1 W of power.

Day & Night

In a well lit room, it looks just like a normal laptop skin, showing off all the colors and details of your design.

If you're a MacBook user, you can stick it onto a hardshell snap-on case to make it removable.

If you decide to leave it on your computer, the electronics are removable, and you don't have to worry about any dangling cables when you're walking around or setting up your gear.

Ready For Any Situation

Swap between six different engaging lighting modes with the press of a button. And of course, it has a sound-activated mode to light up in sync with music. You don't get these features anywhere else.

  • Steady On
  • Sound Reactive
  • Blinking
  • Section by Section
  • Scrolling
  • Progressive

  • Blinking

  • Section by Section

  • Scrolling

  • Progressive

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Real Opinions by Real DJs

Stickerlight is easy to setup and maintain. This will definitely capture your audience’s attention and make your laptop pop!!! It’s a great way to brand and leave an impression on your customers while they’re getting down on the dance floor. I’ve gotten compliments while people were in the middle of their Electric Slide. I just switched laptops and immediately ordered another one. It takes a little time to be delivered, but you will love the finished product. I highly recommend Stickerlight

Gerius GB Brantley Sr.

This product is amazing and every DJ should have one. I’ve gotten two made and couldn’t be happier with them! Lots of compliments from people whenever we use them at gigs. Their customer service is also great!

Brian Rawh

VERY PROFESSIONAL & business DONE RIGHT!!! I paid a small extra amount for them to create my OWN personal graphic which I can now trademark for my DJ Artist Management business... The process was VERY professional as it should be and nothing was paid for until we I had agreed on how my logo was to be right down to the fangs on the skull... Once I agreed on the final logo, I paid for it as should. About two weeks later I was sent exactly how my graphic would look with the colors chosen & the LED effect... Once I agreed on that I was told it could be close to an 8 week wait or longer due to COVID & by now to be honest we are all aware that ALL deliveries have been affected by this RARE occasion... I received my laptop cover first and then about three weeks later my Stickerlight decal & LED Charger... There was a small hiccup with the charging cable but it was quickly addressed and I had replacement cables within a week... If I hadn't watched the great video they offer I would have never know I had an issue and would have taken care of the hiccup myself... You guys KILLED IT!!!

Keith Hayes

Definitely put out a product that set me apart from the other DJs in my area. Got them all wanting to know where I got mine. They all plan on getting one soon as well. Very happy with how it came out. The support team walked me through the design process and made sure I was perfectly happy with the outcome before getting them made. Looking forward to getting more, especially with some of the new add ons they’ve started offering!

Thomas W Bryan Jr.

Great product and great customer service. I had a issue and he hooked me up. I don't want to go into complete details but all you need to know is he is a great business man that made it completely right to me. I could have 10 k setup at a dj gig and this is the one product that gets the most compliments! Takes two secs too plug into laptop and different light modes for preference or mood and everyone will love this addition to your setup and other dj's will be jealous or want one also! Totally happy!

Josh Merritt

It's pretty dope to have my logo light up on my laptop. And the best part was I didn't have to send my laptop off for it. The price was reasonable and that includes 3 light uplogos. The install was super easy! Thanks @DjSaad for the recommendation and Stickerlight for the fresh new look. "This little light of mine...I'm gunna let it shine"

Scott King

Awsome product! Had it for 2-3 years without any problems. great customer service as well

Adam Bacchus

Thanks guys. Everything came out great! Love the fact that you don't have to leave it plugged into your USB port, the whole time, during your set. Quick and great customer service too! Highly recommend.

Christopher Depta

I bough my first stickerlight 2yrs ago and changed my logo design and ordered another different one. Both was a great original design and stickerlight had no problem making it. People are so amazed with the stickerlight more then the music that's played. I love them. awesome work they do..

Shamus Orlando Jackson

This an absolute must have for club/mobile DJs. I've had mine for over a year and it still works like new

Shizm Rashaad Herring

This is such a dope product — and @mikespax has been grinding away on this for over eight years now. So excited for it to see the light of day here!

Chris Messina

"If it ain't Stickerlight, it ain't shit."

Our Customers..

Ready to get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Stickerlight?

It starts at $229, and can go up depending on your selections.

Can you create a logo for me?

Yes! Starting from $0, our team of talented graphic designers can worth together with you to create an amazing design that perfectly represents your unique persona. Just have a look at our gallery for some examples, and let us know what you'd like.

What's included with my order?

Your order includes: three customized laptop skins with your logo, along with two sets of electronics to power the skin.

Extra parts can be purchased directly from our website in case of loss or damage.

How long does it take to make and deliver?

About three months.

These are extremely intricate, custom made, electronic devices. As a result, there's only one factory in the world capable of making these, and that factory is in China.

Competing products, which "claim" to be made in the US, are still getting their raw materials from China anyways, but giving you a much more inferior final product because the manufacturing capabilities in the United States when it comes to electroluminescent devices just isn't up to par.

Once the manufacturing process has been completed, the items are shipped out to the US, and our US based employees complete the final assembly and shipping processes.

Is there a rush delivery option?

These don't take a while to ship, they take a while to manufacture. It's not cost effective to have our manufacturer send one skin from China to the US, so we have to batch our operations together, usually in groups of 100 customers.

Therefore, all 100 customers in a batch end up getting their product at about the same time.

Can I get different sizes or colors?

It's important to remember that our products utilize electroluminescent technology, not LEDs. So it's not possible to have a Stickerlight change colors, like an RGB led might do.

However; you can have as many colors as you like in your design. If you've been checking out the many examples shown here on this site, you'll see that our products look much better than any LED based alternatives when it comes to showing off your logo or artwork in the best way.

Back to the main question though. While it does not change colors, we can optionally make several color-ways for you. Meaning; we can have one Stickerlight with your name in blue, and then another Stickerlight with your name in orange.

All skins do need to be the same size though. Getting two different sizes will just about double the price. But if you're wanting to use your Stickerlights on multiple computers of different sizes; it's best to just size the Stickerlight for the smaller computer, that way it'll still fit fine on the large computer as well.

How long does a Stickerlight last?

If properly taken care of, each skin should last you at least a year. You'll additionally have an opportunity to purchase even more skins at checkout for just $15 each.

I've personally used the same Stickerlight for a decade, but of course your mileage may vary.

Spare sets of electronics and other things you might need are always available for purchase from our website.

I don't have any USB ports available.

Not a problem! The electronics have a small rechargeable battery inside of them which should last you about an hour.

In most cases, we would recommend that you just leave it plugged in via USB-A or USB-C for power. But if that's not an option, you could also: power it from a small powerbank, purchase one of the powerbank devices that we have available for sale, you could even charge it from your phone, and then finally of course, you could use a phone charger connected to an outlet to power it.

I only have USB-C ports available.

That's fine! Our new line of devices are all USB-C compatible. We also have a USB-C cable included with the package to power the stock device which is included with your order.