• Light Up Laptop Skins

Looking for the world's greatest laptop skin? You've come to the right place.

Your laptop is a powerful branding tool. Who do you represent?

We've made custom skins for over 1,000 DJs, celebrities, and laptop aficionados. But our skins don't just look great, they ILLUMINATE.

Each Stickerlight comes with a USB rechargeable power pack featuring several different lighting modes. It can stay completely lit, sync to the music, or flash in several patterns, the choice is yours. It does not need to plug into your computer at all, and can be powered from an AC adapter if you so choose.

Your order also comes with two complete units in case of loss or damage, as well as a one year warranty. We ship worldwide.

Logo Design Services

Should you require some assistance with your logo, our in-house graphic designers would be happy to help you properly visualize your brand. Our professional logo design fee is $40, but we also have some simpler services starting at FREE if you're on a budget.

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