What is a Stickerlight?

It's literally a laptop skin that emits light. Each Stickerlight is custom made to use your very own design or logo. During the daytime when the electronics are not plugged in, a Stickerlight on your laptop is indistinguishable from any normal full color vinyl laptop skin or sticker you might put on your laptop.

It measures less than .4 mm in thickness, and doesn't add any bulk to your laptop at all. Much like a regular laptop skin, you won't even notice it's there.

The electronics that power the Stickerlight are removable, so you won't have anything dangling from your laptop when you don't need the Stickerlight to light up. Once you plug in the USB powered electronics, it really becomes impressive. Each Stickerlight has six pre-programmed lighting modes including a sound-activated mode that works with a built-in microphone inside of the electronics.

You'll also have the option to just leave the entire Stickerlight completely on, if being sound-activated or having it scrolling or flashing doesn't suit whatever particular environment you're using your laptop in.

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