How to Pick a DJ Name

How to Pick a DJ Name


Brainstorming is one of the best ways to come up with a cool DJ name. Start by making a list of ideas that you think represent you, your music, and your style. Think about words that describe your sound, your stage persona, or have a personal connection to you. You can also use puns, allusions, and wordplay to come up with ideas. Take some time to jot down all your ideas and get ready to narrow it down.

Think about what you want your name to represent

When choosing a DJ name, it’s important to consider what you want it to represent. It can be just your name, but that can be too generic and could lead to confusion with other DJs. Take the time to think and consider what you want your DJ name to represent: your style of music, the type of crowd you’re playing for, a memorable word or phrase that reflects your sound, or something unique and original.

Think about words or symbols that you’d like associated with your music—it could be a type of animal, an object associated with certain genres of music (e.g., a turntable), an icon in your local scene (e.g., a famous club or artist), an emotion (e.g., calm), or something nostalgic that pulls on familiar feelings of joy and fun (e.g., jazz). Keep in mind that whatever you choose should reflect who you are as an artist; after all, it’s People Who Love Music who will be attracted to you!

If it feels difficult to come up with ideas on your own, try looking up popular DJ names online for inspiration—you might find just the right combination of two words or even single-word names from different cultures (for instance: Scratchy) that speak to someone's style musically and sonically. There are infinite possibilities when picking a DJ name—just make sure it's distinctive and captures the essence of who you are as an artist.

Create a list of catchy DJ name ideas

The creative process of coming up with a stage name is a valuable part of the name-picking process. It helps you to explore your options and narrow down a list of possible DJ names that are unique and memorable. Here are some helpful tips for brainstorming potential DJ names:

  • Think about your musical influences, hobbies, favorite things, or even people’s names you admire.
  • Consider puns or clever wordplay that morphs two words together to create something unique and fun.
  • Brainstorm potential play on words involving the type of music your play or aspects related to it.
  • Use online resources like rhyme dictionaries and thesauruses to find interesting words and phrases outside your normal vocabulary that might make a good DJ name.
  • Surf the web for lists of “cool” words and phrases related to music, nightlife, or DJs in general. These can be used as inspiration for coming up with something special.
  • Consider using an online DJ name generator for some quick ideas
  • Think of creative ways you might be able to incorporate your real name so that friends and family will immediately make the connection between you and your new persona
  • Look at other DJs' names in your geolocation or genre to get ideas on what kind of thing will work well in your local market.
  • Make sure that the name you ultimately choose is free from any copyright disputes before committing - this could save you legal repercussions down the line!


Researching your DJ name is a great place to start when picking a DJ name. Choose a name that is memorable and reflects the type of music you will play. Consider researching popular DJ names, as well as researching your own name to come up with a unique name. Also, explore how different words work together to sound unique and attractive. It is important to research your options before you decide on your DJ name.

Check the availability of domain names

Once you have a few potential names for your DJ business, you should check their availability as domain names. Like with social media profiles, having a website for your DJ business is essential for building an online presence and gaining new customers.

Take each name in turn and do a search on Google to see if it’s already taken. 
If more than one of the names that you have chosen are available as domains, then take some time to think about it from your prospective customer's perspectives. A well chosen domain name can go a long way towards helping build brand awareness for your DJ business so it pays to put in the effort now rather than regretting it down the line!

Check the availability of social media handles

Once you have opted for a DJ name, it is important to check the availability of social media handles. As DJs probably know, having an internet presence is essential to having your music heard, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are free and easy ways to promote yourself and your music. If your DJ name requires a number (such as 'DJ Quick 3'), ask yourself if this could become a problem in the future. It may be best to pick something less distracting for people who will be unsure of how to spell or search for it later on. Try not to brand yourself too deeply with one particular outlet; try different angles when creating handles that could eventually become obsolete and difficult to manage (for example: instead of @djsoandso3rd_2013 pick @djsoandso2014). Always double-check all available sites before making a final decision.

Check if the name is already taken by another DJ

When you come up with a great DJ name it’s important to make sure that it isn’t already being used by someone else. You can do a simple online search to see if anyone else is using your name. An easy way to check is by visiting popular social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and searching for the name you are considering. If the name appears in any of these search results, then you may want to think twice about using it and make your name something else.

You should also visit websites such as Discogs and Soundcloud that promote independent DJs worldwide and search for similar or identical names. Doing so will help you avoid potential legal issues with other DJs who might be using the same name as you. Additionally, making sure your DJ name isn’t already taken by someone else will help ensure that people recognize your uniqueness as a DJ.


Picking a DJ name can be a daunting task, but it also can be exciting and fun. When narrowing down your options, it's important to consider what kind of message you're sending with your name. Think about the type of music you'll be producing, and the kind of audience you would like to have. You also might want to think about how your DJ name will look on things like posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise. Refining your options is an important step in picking the most suitable DJ name for you.

Evaluate the names you came up with

When you have a list of names that you've brainstormed, it's time to review and evaluate each one. It can be helpful to ask others whose opinion you respect to weigh in. Giving your creative ideas another person's unbiased viewpoint can be valuable and help enhance the clarity of your choice. There are a few key elements to examine when assessing your DJ name.
Think about the connotations of each name and how it might affect future communications or your professional identity. Could any of the words in the name have double meanings, negative implications or may be off-putting? Visualize yourself introducing yourself at events with this moniker– does it sound catchy? Also, check whether any similar sounding names are already taken; you don't want confusion as to which DJ is being booked for events. Do an internet search for any potential names to make sure no one else has staked their claim before investing time developing branding and marketing materials for a new persona that may need an eventual update if someone else was listed first.

By going through these steps prior to deciding on a name, you'll be better positioned to ensure that what winds up on those marquees and promotional posters will represent your brand well in preparation for success as a performing artist.

Refine the list to the best names

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of DJ names, it’s time to refine them down to the best of the bunch. Here are some tips to help you choose a name that really speaks volumes about who you are as an artist.

1. Does it sound good? A simple test that you can do is recite your potential DJ name out loud and see how it sounds. If it feels awkward, looks clunky on paper, or has any implied innuendos or double meanings, then it might be worth rethinking.
2. Is it unique? The more unique your name is, the more memorable it will become for listeners and promoters alike. Bypass obvious trends or similar-sounding names within the same genre so that you stand out from other DJs. Be sure to check for popular artists names already in existence too!
3. Does it represent you? Pick something that embodies who you are musically and reflect your style and taste in music production techniques - whether that be melodic, experimental or anything in between! Make that connection tangible within your chosen name and make sure your brand resonates with what should come next: analysis & feedback from peers on which one they like best.

Ask your friends and family for feedback

Taking suggestions from your friends and family can be a great way to narrow down your list of potential DJ names. It’s a great idea to get feedback from people you trust, who have different tastes and may offer up perspectives or ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Listen carefully to their opinions, take time to process the feedback, and make sure you understand what aspects about your name they are not resonating with. Ask them which other alternatives they think would be the best fit for you. Ask them what connotations come across when they hear each alternative; this will help to determine the kind of imagery or message it’s conveying. Make sure it falls in line with your overall career goals as an artist — keep your audience in mind here too!

Finally, don’t forget to thank everyone who gave their input as you work towards zeroing in on the perfect name for your DJ alias. Taking other people’s advice is hard but talking through the choices and getting second opinions can help you pick something that encapsulates the essence of who you are as an artist — without having to settle for something generic and dull!


Choosing a DJ name can be a daunting task, but it is also a fun part of the process of becoming a DJ. Your DJ name should reflect your personal style and your passion for the craft. It should be something that stands out and will help to make you memorable. Here are some tips for picking the perfect DJ name.

Choose the name that resonates with you the most

Finding a DJ name that is appealing, personal, and reflective of who you are can take time. Since it will be the name you market yourself under, it is important to select something that resonates with your style and the type of music you spin. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Consider what kind of music you perform, then think of a DJ name to reflect it. If classic rock is your specialty, consider names such as Vinyl Rockstar or Old School Jukebox.
  • Brainstorm different words and word combinations that speak to your individual style and tastes. Play around with different words (e.g. The Silent Storm) and abbreviations (e.g., Rex Rokker).
  • Think about your personality traits and use these ideas to help guide you in selecting a DJ name that works for you (e.g., Groovy Gomer).
  • Check if similar DJ names already exist within your local community by doing a quick search online or by word of mouth from fellow DJs or other people in the music industry before committing to one name for yourself.
Remember that ultimately this must be something that resonates with you; no one else can truly decide which DJ name is best suited for your sound and image but yourself! Good luck and have fun finding the right fit!

Make sure it's easy to pronounce and spell

One of the most important considerations when choosing a DJ name is how easy it is for people to pronounce and spell. A name like “DJ Blooflax” could make it difficult for your fans to spread the word about you. Think of a name that is both unique and easy to remember, such as “DJ Krazy Krypto” or “DJ Magma Beats.”

You should also consider the associated symbolism of your DJ name, as this can help build a unique brand identity that distinguishes you from other DJs. For instance, if your DJ sound skews more towards upbeat party music, you might choose a name like “DJ Superman” or “DJ Hypemaster.” On the other hand, a darker, more underground sound might benefit from a name like “DJ Shadow Assassin” or “Dark Lord Beats.”

Finally, make sure to choose a DJ name that adds some flavor and dimensionality to your music. You want something that reflects who you are and what type of music you perform. Pick something that you will be proud to share with your audience!

Make sure it's memorable and unique

Finding a DJ name that sets you apart from the rest can be the difference between being remembered or forgotten. You’ll want to avoid using common words, sounds and letters so you stand out from the crowd. Adding in an element of humor will help add an edge and make it catchy and easier for people to remember you.

Jot down ideas that pop into your head in free form - eventually something will stick! Consider acronyms of your full name or groups of letters that hold relevance. A punny DJ name might catch people's interest too!

Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 days to find one, remember: The most creative DJs have names we all recognize, like DJ Jazzy Jeff, get creative when crafting yours too!