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Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag

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I'm currently unable to make more bags right now. You're still welcome to make an order, but based on an expected restock, and a complete overhaul and redesign I have planned, it wouldn't ship until September.


This is a 100 W / 74 Wh powerbank with a small storage compartment that's wrapped in an interactive electroluminescent panel. It's powerful enough to charge your laptop. It also has a built in wireless charger, so you can charge your phone even if you've forgotten your charging cable.

Using soap or other thick liquid materials, you can make a drawing or write a message on the panel around the bag. Areas where moisture is will illuminate. It even works with touch or your breath. Slime is quite fun on this surface as well. There's an unfathomably large number of ways you can play or interact with this material, and best of all, it's a portable solution, so you never have to worry about finding an outlet before you'll be able to start playing with the bag. If you let a thick liquid dry on the surface, your drawing will stay fixed on the surface until you've cleaned it off with water. So you could write a message on it depending on how you feel on a certain day, and then walk around with that message brightly displayed on your bag all day for the world to see. Each day, you could erase the message and write something new.

It's not yet been tested, but the bag probably has enough juice to illuminate for about 16 hours with the stock battery. This of course would be reduced if you were utilizing the capacity of the bag to charge your phone or other devices at the same time. In case a lot of the capacity values given here don't make sense to you, here's a bit of reference: the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a capacity of 17 Wh and the MacBook Pro 16" w/ M2 Max has a capacity of 100 Wh.

The bag has two lighting modes. The device can be set to steady on, or be placed in a sound activated mode where the bag will respond in synchronization to the beat of music or other noises in the environment. It also has an adjustable sensitivity dial for the internal microphone so you can adjust how it responds depending on the volume of the environment you're currently in.

The bag will come with a 100W type C cable, and an adjustable length carrying strap. The color of the included EL wire and the carrying strap can be adjusted per your own preferences. You can also just attach your own carrying strap or chain to the bag to customize it to your own style.

The reactive electroluminescent panel wrapped around the bag is white and emits a bright blue color when activated. White plastic is standard for the body of the bag to match the panel, with a reflective door for the storage compartment. If you'd like to use something other than transparent for the door, let me know and I'll built it to your modifications. White has the benefit of being just slightly translucent which is useful when monitoring the various LEDs inside of the device which inform you of the status of different things which might be going on inside of the bag, most notably the status of the wireless charger which is quite bright. If you choose black for the body of the bag, you will have a lot of difficulty monitoring the status of these LEDs.

PLEXIGLAS® XT Antimicrobial is used for the body of the bag. You can learn more about this material and sample the various colors available here.

The bag has a 74 Wh internal capacity. Inside of the bag are four 21700 Samsung 50E cells in a 4S configuration outputting a nominal voltage of 14.4V or 16.8V when fully charged.

Please allow 2-3 months for assembly and delivery since everything is made to order by hand and not kept in stock.

Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight
Electroluminescent Powerbank Bag - Stickerlight

Real Opinions by Real DJs

Stickerlight is easy to setup and maintain. This will definitely capture your audience’s attention and make your laptop pop!!! It’s a great way to brand and leave an impression on your customers while they’re getting down on the dance floor. I’ve gotten compliments while people were in the middle of their Electric Slide. I just switched laptops and immediately ordered another one. It takes a little time to be delivered, but you will love the finished product. I highly recommend Stickerlight

Gerius GB Brantley Sr.

This product is amazing and every DJ should have one. I’ve gotten two made and couldn’t be happier with them! Lots of compliments from people whenever we use them at gigs. Their customer service is also great!

Brian Rawh

VERY PROFESSIONAL & business DONE RIGHT!!! I paid a small extra amount for them to create my OWN personal graphic which I can now trademark for my DJ Artist Management business... The process was VERY professional as it should be and nothing was paid for until we I had agreed on how my logo was to be right down to the fangs on the skull... Once I agreed on the final logo, I paid for it as should. About two weeks later I was sent exactly how my graphic would look with the colors chosen & the LED effect... Once I agreed on that I was told it could be close to an 8 week wait or longer due to COVID & by now to be honest we are all aware that ALL deliveries have been affected by this RARE occasion... I received my laptop cover first and then about three weeks later my Stickerlight decal & LED Charger... There was a small hiccup with the charging cable but it was quickly addressed and I had replacement cables within a week... If I hadn't watched the great video they offer I would have never know I had an issue and would have taken care of the hiccup myself... You guys KILLED IT!!!

Keith Hayes

Definitely put out a product that set me apart from the other DJs in my area. Got them all wanting to know where I got mine. They all plan on getting one soon as well. Very happy with how it came out. The support team walked me through the design process and made sure I was perfectly happy with the outcome before getting them made. Looking forward to getting more, especially with some of the new add ons they’ve started offering!

Thomas W Bryan Jr.

Great product and great customer service. I had a issue and he hooked me up. I don't want to go into complete details but all you need to know is he is a great business man that made it completely right to me. I could have 10 k setup at a dj gig and this is the one product that gets the most compliments! Takes two secs too plug into laptop and different light modes for preference or mood and everyone will love this addition to your setup and other dj's will be jealous or want one also! Totally happy!

Josh Merritt

It's pretty dope to have my logo light up on my laptop. And the best part was I didn't have to send my laptop off for it. The price was reasonable and that includes 3 light uplogos. The install was super easy! Thanks @DjSaad for the recommendation and Stickerlight for the fresh new look. "This little light of mine...I'm gunna let it shine"

Scott King

Awsome product! Had it for 2-3 years without any problems. great customer service as well

Adam Bacchus

Thanks guys. Everything came out great! Love the fact that you don't have to leave it plugged into your USB port, the whole time, during your set. Quick and great customer service too! Highly recommend.

Christopher Depta

I bough my first stickerlight 2yrs ago and changed my logo design and ordered another different one. Both was a great original design and stickerlight had no problem making it. People are so amazed with the stickerlight more then the music that's played. I love them. awesome work they do..

Shamus Orlando Jackson

This an absolute must have for club/mobile DJs. I've had mine for over a year and it still works like new

Shizm Rashaad Herring

This is such a dope product — and @mikespax has been grinding away on this for over eight years now. So excited for it to see the light of day here!

Chris Messina

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